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Corporate Finance & Commercial Practice


Our corporate finance and commercial department deals with a wide variety of corporate and commercial matters in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other jurisdictions.

Our services include:

  • Domestic IPOs (initial public offerings) on both the Main Board and Growth Enterprise Market (“GEM”) of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited
  • Private placings
  • Bond issuance
  • Compliance issues relating to listed companies
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Setting up of private equity fund
  • Private equity investment
  • Setting up of corporate joint ventures
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Application for SFC licences and regulatory matters relating to SFC licenses
  • Loans and other credit facilities: ranging from syndicated, single term loans, standby and revolving loan facilities (with local and cross-border collateral)
  • Corporate debt restructuring
  • Banking regulatory advice: including advice on regulator/ developments as well as advice on the changing new practices
  • Notary Public service
  • Trademark and Patent registration
  • Immigration and Visa applications
  • Pre-listing restructurings
  • Privatization
  • Schemes of arrangement for purpose of re-domicile and corporate rescue of listed companies
  • Private company acquisitions and disposals, both local and cross-border Joint ventures
  • Contentious general meetings
  • Partnership, directors and shareholders advice


  • 於香港聯合交易所有限公司主機板及創業板(GEM)進行本地首次公開售股(IPO)
  • 私人配售
  • 債券發行
  • 上市公司的合規事宜
  • 合併及收購
  • 私募基金的成立
  • 私募投資
  • 聯營企業的成立
  • 企業架構重組
  • 證監會牌照申請及合規事宜
  • 貸款及其他信貸安排:包括銀團、一般、備用及循環貸款(含本地及跨境抵押品)
  • 企業債務重組
  • 銀行監管事宜:包括提供監管發展及最新業務變更之意見
  • 國際公證
  • 商標及發明登記事宜
  • 入境及簽証申請
  • 上市前公司架構重組
  • 私有化
  • 上市公司遷冊及企業拯救下的債務償還安排計畫
  • 本地及海外私營公司的收購及處理
  • 具爭議性的股東大會
  • 為合夥商行、董事及股東提供法律意見

Litigation & Dispute Resolution Practice


As the legal adviser to a number of listed companies, property developers, corporate and individual clients (both local and overseas), our litigation department handles a broad spectrum of civil/commercial litigations and arbitrations, securities related investigations and enquiries, criminal proceedings, family proceedings as well as intellectual property claims and have extensive experience in debt collection claims, contract, trade and trust disputes.

Our services include:

  • Anton piller and injunction applications
  • Regulatory body investigations and enquiries
  • Inquiries from the Securities and Futures Commission
  • White collar crime and ICAC cases
  • Arbitrations
  • Mediations
  • Building management matters
  • Company/Partnership disputes, directors duties
  • Compulsory sale for redevelopment application
  • Construction and project disputes
  • Contentious probate matters
  • Debt-collection cases
  • Defamation claims
  • Employment disputes
  • Matrimonial cases
  • Mortgagee actions
  • Tenancy disputes
  • Enforcement actions of foreign judgment/arbitral award in Hong Kong
  • Land and conveyancing disputes
  • Contractual, commercial and trade disputes
  • Personal injury claims


  • 搜查、取證及禁制令申請
  • 監管機構的調查及研訊
  • 證券及期貨事務監察委員會研訊
  • 白領罪行及廉政公署案件
  • 仲裁
  • 調解
  • 樓宇物業管理事宜
  • 公司/合夥人糾紛、董事問責
  • 為土地重新發展強制售賣的申請
  • 建築及工程項目糾紛
  • 遺產訴訟
  • 追收債務
  • 誹謗申索
  • 勞資糾紛
  • 家事糾紛
  • 按揭訴訟
  • 租賃糾紛
  • 於香港執行境外的判決/仲裁裁決
  • 土地及物業轉易糾紛
  • 合約、商業及貿易糾紛
  • 人身傷亡糾紛

Property Probate & Trust (“PPT”) Practice

Our PPT department is well experienced in handling all types of property transactions and is particularly strong in acquisition of properties for redevelopment, project sale and related financing.

We have earned through our hard work a high reputation among major developers, which have listed our firm as one of their approved solicitors to handle property deals, tenders and conveyancing transactions.

Apart from providing services in Property matters, our PPT department also handles various trust and probate matters. We help clients establish and administer trusts, draft wills, apply for grant of probate or letters of administrations and assist in other matters relating to non-contentious probate practice.




Property Services

Our property services include:

  • Sale, purchase and mortgage of residential, commercial and industrial property
  • Leases and tenancy agreements
  • Development projects
  • Land resumption cases
  • Land exchange projects
  • Compulsory acquisition cases
  • Town planning application and objection
  • Private Sector Participation Scheme
  • Tenant Purchase Scheme
  • Applications for pre-sale consent and approval of deed of mutual covenant


  • 住宅、商業及工業物業的買賣及按揭
  • 租契及租賃協定
  • 物業發展項目
  • 土地收回案件
  • 土地交換項目
  • 強制收購案件
  • 城市規劃的申請及反對
  • 私人機構參建居屋計畫
  • 「租者置其屋」計畫
  • 申請預售樓宇同意書及批准大廈公契

Probate and Trust Services

Our probate and trust services include:

  • Advice on family succession planning
  • Setting up family trust
  • Advice on and drafting of wills
  • Setting up charitable organization and trust
  • Setting up family office
  • Application for probate and letters of administration


  • 家族傳承計劃諮詢
  • 成立家族信託
  • 訂立遺囑的諮詢及草擬
  • 成立慈善機構及信託
  • 成立家族辦公室
  • 遺產承辦的申請

China Practice (including Notarisation)


Our China Department advises local and international companies on transactions involving China. We also have associated law firms in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in China and our staff members include speakers of English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka and other Chinese dialects.

Our China Department provides advice on matters include:

  • Notarisation
  • Establishment of office or company in China, especially in the Greater Bay Area, Shanghai and Beijing
  • Sale and purchase of shares in companies and business transfer
  • Project financing for construction work
  • Acquisition of land use rights
  • Due diligence in Chinese companies
  • Shareholders dispute
  • Restructuring of Chinese entities
  • Advice on finance arrangement and joint ventures
  • Advice on and arrangement for the establishment of Sino-Foreign joint venture
  • Taxation planning
  • China Labour Law and Employment Disputes


  • 公證服務
  • 在中國各省市設立辦事處或公司,尤以大灣區、上海及北京為主
  • 買賣公司股份及生意業務轉讓
  • 建築工程融資及財務安排
  • 獲取土地的使用權
  • 對於中國公司進行法律的查證程序
  • 處理公司股東糾紛
  • 中國公司 / 機構業務重組
  • 融資安排及合作投資項目
  • 聯營關系公司及提供有關的法律意見
  • 稅務項目計劃
  • 中國勞動法及勞資糾紛

Corporate Services

本所的公司秘書及顧問部向客戶作出全面有關在香港或海外成立公司事宜的安排,以及安排 / 處理該等公司根據有關法例行事等服務。本所會因應各客戶的情況,靈活地提供有關服務以配合各客戶於其企業工貿上或樓宇交易上的需要。

Our Corporate Services Department provides a comprehensive range of services to clients in respect of the incorporation and/or maintaining of Hong Kong companies or overseas companies and in matters relating to compliance by such companies with the relevant companies legislation.
Such services are often required in the context of a wide variety of corporate and commercial transactions and in respect of property conveyancing matters.

Our services include:

  • Provision of company secretary services, which include taking care of all necessary statutory filing, arranging for minutes of meetings, keeping records of the company, etc.
  • Provision of nominee directors services
  • Provision of nominee shareholders services, attending annual general meeting, arranging the dividend distributions etc.
  • Provision of registered office and correspondence address


  • 提供公司秘書服務,包括遞交有關的法定文件、準備及草擬會議記錄、保管及記錄公司本冊及其他事項等
  • 提供委託公司董事服務
  • 提供委託公司股東服務、出席周年大會、安排發放股息等
  • 提供註冊辦事處地址及通訊地址服務

Immigration Services


With years of hands-on experience and strong international regulatory agency connections, our immigration department provides tailored assistance and practical solutions to both companies and individuals across all areas of immigration law. We work with reputable accredited international immigration consultants in helping our clients identify the most suitable immigration strategy and obtaining permanent resident status as well as passports of selected countries.

Our immigration services include:

  • Assisting employers to make applications for employment visas
  • Securing visas for employees’ dependents and permanent residency
  • Advising on extension of stay and prolonged visitors’ visas
  • Assisting Hong Kong residents on permanent residency applications
  • Advising on criminal immigration matters and defending overstaying prosecution
  • Advising clients on the most suitable immigration strategy according to their needs
  • Assisting clients in attaining their residency in selected countries (including but not limited to):
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • UK
    • Canada
    • USA


  • 協助僱主申請工作簽證
  • 為僱員的受養人申請簽和永久居留
  • 就延期居留和延長訪客簽證作出建議
  • 協助香港居民申請永久居留
  • 就涉及刑事的入境事宜和逾期居留提供意見
  • 因應客戶需要,為他們建議最合適的移民策略
  • 協助客戶於某些國家取得居留權 (包括但不限於以下國家):
    • 澳洲
    • 新西蘭
    • 英國
    • 加拿大
    • 美國