Mr. Tam joined our firm as a Consultant in August 2020.  He worked about 20 years as “legal officer” in the Government of HKSAR.  He worked long time in the Official Receiver’s Office and the Land Registry and retired at the post of Senior Government Solicitor (Land Registry).  Before joining the civil service, Mr. Tam had worked in various law firms also for about 20 years, firstly as “legal executive” handling litigation, conveyancing and probate matters and then as “Assistant Solicitor” with focus on civil and criminal litigation.  

Mr. Tam has solid and extensive experience in different types of civil litigation, including appeals to the Privy Council (England) and the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal.  Mr. Tam has practical experience and good knowledge of law relating to wills and succession, insolvency, land title and land registration.

談律師於2020年8月加入本行為顧問律師。之前在政府部門擔任「律政人員」法務工作大約20年,曾長時間任職於破產管理處及土地註冊處,退休時為土地註册處「政府高级律師」。入職政府前,談律師亦曾在律師行工作近20年,分別相繼擔任過「法律行政員」處理訴訟,樓宇買賣及遺產承辦 與及「助理律師」著重於民事及刑事訴訟。