Sherman practice areas include general criminal issues e.g. possession of drugs, using of false instruments and ICAC investigation etc. He also developed a solid foundation in the field of civil litigation, and has been involved in cases concerning commercial disputes, personal injuries, land disputes, matrimonial law, wills and probate and building management disputes. In addition, Sherman specialised on general commercial transactions, mergers & acquisitions and listed companies regulatory compliance. Sherman also helped international companies and individuals to arrange the service of Chinese Notary and Notary Public. He is also a Co-Founder and CEO of a start-up company co-operated with Hong Kong Science Park.

Sherman is currently a vice chairman of the Young Solicitors Group of the Law Society of Hong Kong, an organising committee member of the“Law Week”, an organising committee member of the“Teen Talk”and a member of Sing Tao Legal Matter writer and working party on Retention of Talent in the Hong Kong Law Society.

Sherman reads and write English and Chinese, speaks fluent Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

楊律師的專業諮詢服務範疇包括處理一般刑事法律問題,例如。 藏毒、使用虛假文書及廉政公署調查等。楊律師在民事訴訟領域上已有扎實基礎,並曾處理包括商業糾紛、人身傷害、土地紛爭、婚姻、遺囑和遺囑認證、大廈管理紛爭等各類訴訟案件。他還經常處理一般商業交易、收購合併及上市公司法規遵從。楊律師還幫助國際公司和個人安排中國公證和國際公證服務。同時,他是與香港科學園合作的初創企業的共同創辦人兼首席執行官。

楊律師目前是香港律師會 Young solicitors’ Group 的副主席、“法律週”及“Teen Talk”的籌委會成員, 亦是 “working party on Retention of Talent” 的成員。他還在香港星島日報專欄 “法人法語”投稿。