Graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences and with a Master of Business Administration Degree from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Pauline started her early career in sales and marketing and has worked in multinational and telecommunication companies. She then pursued her part-time study in laws and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Laws from Manchester Metropolitan University. Her practice areas include general commercial, merger and acquisition, private equity, corporate and employment. She is admitted in Hong Kong.

譚律師畢業於香港大學並考獲社會科學學士學位﹑及於香港科技大學考獲工商管理碩士 ,早年從事銷售及市場職務,曾任職跨國企業及電訊公司。譚律師隨後兼職進修法律課程,考獲英國曼徹斯特都會大學法律學士學位。譚律師的專業諮詢服務範疇包括一 般商務、併購、私人投資、公司業務和僱傭。譚律師擁有香港的法律專業執業資格。