Mr. Luk is a consultant solicitor of the H. Y. Leung & Co. LLP. He serves on the Board of Directors of HK listed companies Koala Financial Group Limited (HKEx: 8226). He is also the limited partner of Venture Capital Ondine Capital Tech Ltd and is the angel investor of internet media Presslogic Holding. His practice areas include general commercial, merger and acquisitions, corporate and private equity and, start up fundraising.

陸律師是梁浩然律師事務所的顧問律師,同時是香港上市公司樹熊金融集團(HKEx: 8226)的獨立非執行董事,亦是創投資金活水資本的有限合夥人與Presslogic互聯網媒體集團的天使投資人。陸律師的專業咨詢服務範疇包括一般商務、收購合併、資本市場,私人投資和初創企業募資。