Anthony practises both civil and criminal law. He had 14 years of experience as a barrister before his admission in 2020. He has conducted appeals before the Court of Appeal and the Court of Final Appeal.

Client involvement is important for successful litigation. Anthony is committed to working closely with clients to resolve their intricate legal problems. He represented clients in cases including professional misconduct, medical negligence, personal injury claims, mental health proceedings, land disputes, matrimonial matters, and criminal trials and appeals.

Anthony holds a Master of Science degree in Sports Medicine and Health Science, and he teaches civil liability in sports injuries at the Hong Kong Sports Institute. His medical knowledge gave him an edge on cases involving medical expert evidence.


客戶的參與對於成功訴訟很重要。 畢律師致力與客戶緊密合作,以解決案中錯綜複雜的法律問題。 他處理的案件包括專業失當、醫療疏忽、人身傷害、精神健康、土地權益糾紛、婚姻訴訟以及刑事審訊和上訴。