Anson specialises in the areas of commercial practice (share acquisition, corporate restructuring and debt financing), real estate (conveyancing and mortgage transactions, sale by public auction, sale by mortgagee, conditional sale for re-development and leasing), wills and probate, civil litigation (land disputes, conveyancing and tenancy disputes, compulsory sale of land disputes, mortgage actions, immigration disputes, charging orders and injunctions) and criminal litigation.

陳柏綸律師擅於處理商業事宜 (股份收購、公司重組及債務融資) ,房地產 (物業及按揭交易、公開拍賣出售、承按人出售、重建項目之有條件出售及租賃) ,遺囑及遺囑認證,民事訴訟 (土地糾紛、物業交易及租賃糾紛、強制售賣土地糾紛、按揭訴訟、合約糾紛、入境法糾紛、押記令及禁制令) 及刑事訴訟。