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HYL Club

Welcome to HYL Club! Whether you were an intern, legal executive, trainee solicitor or solicitor, thank you for all of your hard work in the past. We are committed to keeping in touch with our alumni. While you may no longer work at HY Leung, we would love for you to join our network and become part of our professional family. By joining HYL Club, you can stay updated with the latest firm developments and join our activities for reunion and catching up. 

歡迎來到 HYL Club!無論您是實習生、法律行政人員、實習律師還是律師,感謝您過去在 HY Leung 所作出的貢獻。我們致力於與前同事保持聯繫。雖然您可能不再在 HY Leung 工作,但我們希望您加入並成為本行專業大家庭的一員。加入HYL Club,您可以隨時了解到本行的最新動態,並參與我們舉辦的聯誼活動。