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Sponsorship of Cheung Ka Long for Free Legal Service


祝賀張家朗在 2020 年東京奧運會上為香港贏得了具有歷史意義的男子個人花劍金牌。這是香港時隔 25 年的一枚金牌,也是擊劍史上的第一枚金牌。


Congratulations to Cheung Ka Long on his winning of a historic gold medal for Hong Kong in men’s individual foil at Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 – the City’s first gold medal after 25 years and the first ever medal in fencing.  

In appreciation of Ka Long’s contributions, time and efforts in creating such miracle moment for Hong Kong at the Tokyo Olympic Games, our firm have offered a HK$100,000.00 voucher of our firm’s professional legal services and life-time oral legal advice for free.