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梁浩然律師事務所有限法律責任合夥正式加入Alliott Global Alliance

H.Y. Leung & Co. LLP officially joins Alliott Global Alliance


2020年9月1日,梁浩然律師事務所有限法律責任合夥作為香港唯一一間律師事務所成員正式加入Alliott Global Alliance。加入Alliott Global Alliance,標誌著本所國際化發展邁上新台階。

Alliott Global Alliance成立於1979年,是一間由世界各地領先的會計師事務所、稅務事務所及律師事務所組成的專業機構合作聯盟。該聯盟在全球78個國家/地區擁有180間成員機構,成員覆蓋歐洲、大洋洲、東盟地區、非洲、亞太地區等區域,業務範圍涉及法律服務、審計、稅務、會計、管理諮詢等多個方面。聯盟成員之間聯繫緊密、協同合作,共用跨境資源和業務機會,為客戶在全球範圍內提供全方位、高品質的專業服務。

本所首席合夥人梁浩然律師表示:本所非常榮幸能成為Alliott Global Alliance在香港唯一一間律師事務所成員。加入Alliott Global Alliance,為本所與海外領先的律師事務所和會計師事務所進行更緊密的合作提供了最佳途徑。Alliott Global Alliance可以為本所的本地和國際客戶提供更為專業的跨境法律服務支援,本所也期待著未來能夠支援Alliott Global Alliance成員在香港開展業務。

On 1st September 2020, H.Y. Leung & Co. LLP officially joined the Alliott Global Alliance as the exclusive law firm member in Hong Kong. Joining the Alliott Global Alliance marks a new level of the firm’s international development.

Alliott Global Alliance is founded in 1979, is a professional organization alliance composed of leading accounting firms, tax firms and law firms from all over the world. The alliance has 180 member institutions in 78 countries/regions around the world covering Europe, Oceania, ASEAN, Africa, Asia Pacific and other regions. Its business scope covers legal services, auditing, taxation, accounting, management consultation and other aspects. The alliance members are closely connected and cooperated, and share cross-border resources and business opportunities, and provide customers with a full range of high-quality professional services globally.

Mr. Alexander H.Y. Leung, Managing Partner of H.Y. Leung & Co. LLP comments:
“We are honored to be the exclusive law firm member of Alliott Global Alliance in Hong Kong. Joining the Alliott Global Alliance provides our firm the best way to cooperate with leading overseas law firms and accounting firms more closely. Alliott Global Alliance can provide more professional cross-border legal service support to our local and international clients. We also look forward to supporting Alliott Global Alliance members to develop business in Hong Kong in the future.”